Every individual is bestowed with the skin best suited for them at birtjh. unfortunately skin is the first organ of the body to recieve any environmental or inherent damage. It's the most dynamic organ in the body. It sheds and regrows every 28 days, which is amazing! Maintaing a good skin needs simple home care.

There are three main steps to follow:

  1. Cleanse  
  2. Tone
  3. Moisturise 

A person is the best judge of his own skin and his food habits. So accordingly, a regime for both day and night cleansing should be started. It's not just about simply cleansing, it is about the right way of cleansing with the right kind of products for your skin.

Every morning after waking up, you must properly cleanse your skin, followed by toner and then moisturiser. Moisturiser should be skin specific- oily skin/combined skinl/dry skin. The rest of the routine make up or specific treatment products can be applied after taking a bath. 

A word of caution-  since cleaninsing is already done before bath, dont use any soaps or harsh cleansing agents at the time of bath. 

This simple routine will protect your facial skin and delay ageing.