Glycolic acid is an alpha-hydroxy acid that occurs naturally in sugar cane. When it is treated for the skin, it loosens the thickened surface layers which appear as rough, scaly and dry skin. It is used to treat those who have caused sun damage, loss of elasticity and pigmentation problem to the skin. Glycolic peel has the small molecular size of AHA‘s that allows it to penetrate the skin in a better way.

The advantages of having a glycolic peel:

         Helps to reduce the aging cells in the skin
  • Increases the velocity of the cell turnover rate
  • Helps to stimulate the collagen production to produce even skin.
  • Gives a rejuvenated skin, which looks more youthful
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Age spots are bleached
  • Gives reduction in pigmentation problem
  • Large pores are made less prominent and acne is improved.
What is the process of Removal Of Pigmentations & Tanning?

Mainly, pigmentation is the reason due to more exposure of skin to the heat and sun as the UV radiations and thermal radiation disturbs the melanocytes in the skin and affects the melanin producing cells to cause pigmentation.

Process of removal of pigmentation & tanning

To treat pigmentation problem, Intense Pulse Light pigment removal treatment is an easy and quick procedure. In it, the freckles and age spots are bleached or removed in 1-3 sessions. The light concentrates on the areas of excessive pigmentation and breaks down the excess melanin safely. Initially, the sun spots and freckles get darkened a few days after the treatment and the excess melanin drop naturally.

In case of tanning, it is more important to treat with pigmentation as it may lead to skin cancer if not treated at the exact time. It is said that tanners are more prone to develop melanoma when compared to those who get tanned indoors. Many treat their tanning problems with Sun Protector Factor 15 as it protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun.