Some clients look forward to change their skin color using injectable products marketed to whiten or lighten their complexion. These products are potentially unsafe and ineffective, and might contain unknown harmful ingredients or contaminants. Beyond the potential harm from the product itself, improper or unsafe injection practices may transmit disease, cause infection and result injury. 

The Injectables available in the market today are not regulated. As a consumer you may not be aware that these products aren't approved for skin lightening at all. The promises they make are unrealistic too and comes with a price. The ingredients present in it include Glutathione, vitamin C, collagen and even human placenta. These can cause serious side effects to the consumer. So try to avoid experimenting with unapproved drugs sold through the spas and online drug stores.

There are approved medications in form of creams for skin lightening and removing certain pigmentation that are quite safe. If you are looking for one of those consult your Doctor rather than buying it over the counter because the creams need to be customised to your needs and skin type.

Before you go for skin lightening treatments get to SIMPLE & SAFE  Healthy Skin Routine to restore your skin.

Then meet your Doctor who will help you in:

  • Choosing an appropriate cleanser & Sunscreen with SPF 30+
  • Choosing a moisturiser and a leave on night serum 
  • Avoid frequent change of products


Indian skin types are well protected by nature. Once you focus on healthy skin routine the tone and colour will be restored with minimal effort. Keep it Simple & Safe always when choosing a skin treatment.