Every year summer takes a toll on your skin. Humidity, pollution and scorching heat take away the natural glow of your skin and lead to dull and tanned skin. Here are the top 6 tips for a radiating, glowing skin this summer.

1. Hydration: In summer due to excessive sweating dehydration may occur and your skin and hair may also become dry. So drink plenty of water and fluids such as coconut water, juices, etc. Dehydrated skin is more sensitive and is more prone to wrinkles and fine lines. Use a non-greasy, non-comedogenic, well hydrating medicated moisturizer.

2. Cleansing: Cleansing and refreshing the skin are important during summer to remove sweat and oil deposits. Use a mild scrub to exfoliate the upper dead layer of the skin and use a mild cleanser to eliminate dirt and sweat.

3. Sunscreen: As sun tan and pigmentation are the major problems during summer, therefore to prevent suntan sunscreen is a must. Make sunscreen your best friend and always wear sunscreen before going out. Wear a broad spectrum, non-greasy, non-comedogenic sunscreen of at least with SPF 50 daily and repeat the application after 4 hours. If you stay outdoors for a prolonged time then it's better to use a physical sunscreen which contains zinc and titanium dioxide. Applying vitamin C along with the sunscreen daily gives additional protection from the sun and protects you from photodamage and early signs of ageing.

4. Hygiene: It’s important to maintain hygiene during summer as the fungal infection is on the rise because you sweat more. So keep your skin dry, take shower twice a day and apply some clotrimazole dusting powder on body folds and wear cotton clothes.

5. Don’t forget your lips: Always wear a hydrating lip balm of at least SPF 50 to protect your lips from sun damage.

6. Take care of your feet: As it is time to move from your winter wear boots or shoes to summer wear sandals you need to take good care of your feet. Scrub your feet regularly to exfoliate the upper layer of skin and remove the suntan. Spray foot powder in shoes before you wear them. Use foot powders, like Odor Eaters which contains talcum (which absorbs sweat) and baking soda (which neutralizes odor).

Follow these skin tips and have a glowing, radiating skin this summer.

Keep Hydrated! Keep Glowing!