Skin care regimen involves a detail study of skin types! It involves a litmus paper test and a cleansing milk test! 

Once the skin type is known, it's important to use products suiting that type! I advise a plan which is easy and no fuss and takes only few minutes of ones time  

An example: Skin care plan 1: Acne prevention! 

  • For an oily, acne prone skin type of an 18-year-old: cleanse daily twice with an antiseptic face wash or cleansing milk (eg: half teaspoon turmeric in a cup of milk ) to clean up daily build up of debris and dust/pollutants  
  • Tone twice a day using non-irritant toners which remove excessive oil and tighten pores (eg: refrigerated rose water and two drops of glycerine ) 
  • Moisturise once a day with non-oily, natural watery lotions (eg: aloe Vera)  
  • Eat 3-4 fruits daily (especially oranges/ watermelons)
  • Drink 5-6 glasses of water ( morning detox with warm water)
  • Exercise and flush out the skin by breaking into a good sweat with cardio workouts! 
  • Sleep well and let the skin rejuvenate and glow this festive season!