SINUSITIS , is nothing but a physiological disorder of nose  which led by malfunctioning of aerodynamics of nose(temporary sinusitis) ,secondly  it is because of repeated infections of the sinuses (permanent sinusitis.) Sinuses basically are structures given to us around the nose for cleansing, thermo-regulations and air conditioning of the air which we breathe and to get the benefit of above we must have normal, well sized opened sinuses and hence nose breathing is required, those who breathe from mouth, they have tendency to get more throat and lungs infections. Recurrent sinus infection, pollution, poor diet, spicy food, long term steam inhalation from nose, and allergies leads to thick discharge from nose. This thick mucus if stays in the sinuses, it leads to irritation of the sinus skin which is mucosa and this go on growing  hence leads to permanent sinusitis. This is where patient needs surgical correction. If patient comes to nose surgeon at right time, doctor can revert his/her symptoms and surgery can be abandoned. but most of the time patient comes to us after trying every thing which he /she hears from neighbors , tv channels , ayurvedic or homeopathic treatment . sinusitis if patient does not take serious steps to correct might lead to cardiac symptoms , lung diseases , etc.