Your body needs to absorb protein as it helps to fight viruses and bacteria, build muscles and produce hormones. Proteins are complex large molecules which are made up of Amino acids chains. Without proteins the body gets dysfunctional.

As one grows old the body’s ability to break down and absorb protein decreases along with. You cannot compensate it by simply drinking more milk or having an extra egg in the breakfast. There are some adjustments that are required to compensate for the lack of protein absorption.

Let's discuss simple tips on how to Boost your protein absorption:-

  • Eat acidic food: Eating food that is acidic can make your stomach a little more acidic in nature and help break down the protein.
  • Consume Vitamin B6: Consumption of Vitamin B6 ensures that the amino acids are dismantled to the bloodstream and the proteins are broken down. The Pyridoxine is another name for Vitamin B6 and its primary purpose is to help break down the protein.
  • Consume Complex carbohydrates: Even when protein is broken down into its simplest form, the work in the body is still not done. Your body needs to utilise these amino acids to benefit from the protein-rich foods you eat. By consuming carbohydrate-rich food, your body will release insulin and elevated insulin levels will help your muscles absorb these amino acids especially during muscle building exercises, which means if you eat carbohydrates right before an intense workout then it is going to yield the best protein absorbing results
  • Take protein before and after a workout: While you eat Complex carbohydrates right before workout it is also beneficial to eat the protein right after and before the workout to give an ample supply of amino acids so your body can use and absorb the protein during and after the high intensity of exertion.