Water is the most important source of sustenance, and many would agree that there is nothing better than quenching your thirst with a glass of the crystal clear heavenly liquid. But wait, did you know that there are right ways and wrong in drinking water! Before you roll your eyes and look elsewhere, we would ask you to read on and be well informed.

Questions to ask yourself

  • Do you have a travel size bottle for the water to carry?
  • Do you drink water before meals to eat less?
  • Do you need to often pee, even in the dead of the night?
  • Is the pee yellow or white all day long? And
  • Aren't you peeing a little too much? Think about it!

Don't Drown Your World in Water

If you thought your 8 glasses per day wasn't enough and that you needed more; read this article which would rock the earth beneath your feet. Experts clearly state that too much water can lead the body closer to danger zone than anything else; what gives life can also kill! From low metabolism to low thought clarity, insomnia and headaches, to shift in blood pressure levels and emotional mood swings too, too much water can play havoc on the mental and physical well-being of an individual.

5 Ways to Drink Your Water Right

You don't have to necessarily drink 8 glasses per day. No one's sure where the so-called 8-by-8 rule came from, says Heinz Valtin, M.D., a Dartmouth College medical professor and author of two studies on the origin of the theory that the human body works best on eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day. The truth is, your daily requirement depends on your diet, size, and unique body chemistry. To determine how much water you should drink, weigh yourself each morning for 3 to 4 days in a row pick a time other than your period to rule out hormone-induced water retention. If you lose a whole pound in a day, it means you came up short on liquids the day before.

A glass of cold water early morning and on an empty stomach.

Research and studies have shown the benefits of having a glass of cold water on an empty stomach each morning, as soon as you wake up from sleep. This helps activate the organs inside the body, removes toxins and waste materials and makes bowel movements an easy affair too.

Do not drink plenty of water before meals to eat less.

While yes, if your stomach is filled with water before a meal, you would eat less for sure, but that is not why experts advice a glass before meals- water before meals helps with digestion, but not before 30 minutes of a bite or else the digestive juices wouldn't do their part well. Instead try having a glass of water an hour before meals, which would help nutrients the time to provide the body what it needs.

A glass before shower time.

Yes, a glass of warm water before shower time can help lower blood pressure levels in the body. Drinking a warm glass of water before taking a bath or shower serves to warm your body from the inside, resulting in the same type of circulatory system dilation that occurs on the skin's surface.

Before you bid the day goodbye.

An hour before snoozing off, a glass of water can help the body replenish what's lost- body fluids. But an hour before should be an hour before and not ten minutes before you hit the bed.

Water is not bad, your habits in consuming it are!

Before telling us that you are getting your body enough water, check if you are actually consuming too much of it or not! Too much, yes! Water in excess to the body can actually do more harm than good, and sometimes 8 glasses of water too could be A LOT.