We all are aware of the disadvantages of under brushing or lack of proper oral hygiene. But anything that is more than required is also dangerous. Things work out well only when they are in the right proportion, nothing under or over is good.

Likewise, unknowingly over-brushing or harsh brushing can turn out to be a harmful habit. So in this article, we will discuss the ill effects of over-brushing.


People usually brush their teeth very hard in order to obtain pearly white teeth. But my dear friends you cannot change the color of your teeth like you cannot change the shade of your skin. When you over brush, the outermost layer (enamel) starts wearing off making it thinner. The inner layer (dentin) which is pale starts showing off through the thin translucent enamel making teeth appear pale. When enamel is completely worn off teeth appear almost yellow in color.


Increased sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet, and sour foodstuffs

Harsh brushing leads to wearing off of enamel in turn exposing the dentin. Dentin is a permeable (porous) structure. Sensations are carried to the pulp (live tissue of tooth) through this porous dentin making almost all teeth sensitive. It becomes extremely difficult to even drink water when there is generalized sensitivity.


When harsh brushing continues for years, teeth become extremely weak and there is nothing of teeth near gums called cervical abrasion. Teeth become painful and may even fracture.


Harsh over brushing also damages the gums making them move away from the teeth and thus exposing the root surface of teeth.

Overall over brushing is totally hazardous to teeth. Also over scraping of the tongue also leads to loss of protective papilla and loss of taste buds. So you should always be gentle with your teeth and oral soft tissues.