Alcoholic beverages are getting so popular as a social status symbol. But, consuming a lot of alcohol can cause a number of short and long term effects on the skin.

1. DEHYDRATION :- These cocktails are basically diuretics, that increases the production of urine, and dehydrates the body and skin too. As a result of it, the skin looks dry, less plumpy, and also results in premature aging, and the fine lines become more apparent.

2. PRO-INFLAMMATORY ACTION: Alcohol contains destructive molecules called aldehydes, which causes cellular damage and inflammation. It creates inflammation throughout the body and skin.

3. HORMONAL DERANGEMENT: Alcohols with high sugar content can initiate an insulin response in the body, and increased insulin or insulin resistance have a negative effect on sex hormones and thyroid, causing a hormonal imbalance and associated skin manifestations like dryness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, etc.ACNE :- Alcohol with high sugar content makes the skin more acne-prone.

4. IMPAIRED IMMUNITY: Alcohol can affect the functioning of the immune system too. It can deplete the levels of beneficial bacteria that are commensals in the human gut and also regulates the immune system.

5. SLEEP DISTURBANCE: Sleep is important for proper muscle relaxation and to maintain the beauty and also promote overall rejuvenation. Alcohol triggers the release of Norepinephrine that increases levels of excitement. Lack of sleep leads to dull, lusterless skin.

Alcohol dilates the blood vessels and worsens the appearance of facial redness. Over time, these vessels can accumulate & cause more persistent redness. So alcohol can worsen rosacea.


RED WINE: It contains antioxidants like polyphenols, which cause free radical scavenger effect in the body and skin. Red wine should be taken occasionally and with meals. Otherwise, it can cause a burst of inflammation throughout the body. In a moderate amount, the intake of red wine does not cause more side effects.

VODKA AND TEQUILA: Have the least amount of sugar, so side effects of high sugar like breakouts, hormonal imbalance won’t be seen.


Beer has more additives salts and sugars, which will add more stress on the liver to metabolize, and they also dehydrate the skin in excess. Dark liquors have more additives than clear ones. No matter what, alcohol does more harm than good. Hence, it is advised to reduce the consumption of alcohol or completely eliminate it from life.

Keep healthy, Keep glowing!