FIBROIDS are benign tumours of the uterine muscle. Basically understood to be oestrogen dependent growth in the myometrium. STRUCTURE-Basically presents as concentric rings of muscle fibres in whorls. Connective tissues are interspersed in between the muscle fibres. The growing lump gets nutrients from blood supply at the outer edge of a tumour. As a tumour grows the centre receives less circulation of nutrients and oxygen. The degeneration usually starts at the centre of the tumour.

  • SITE- The site of fibroids can be anywhere within the uterine muscular wall.
  • SUBSEROSAL- towards outer wall.
  • INTRAMURAL- within the muscular wall.
  • SUBMUCOSAL- towards inner surface adjacent to the endometrium.

Out of this submucosal variety is notorious for producing excessive bleeding, poor fertility outcomes, vaginal discharge. The other two variants produce pelvic pressure symptoms. Bowel and bladder function disruption for example. 


  • Focus on controlling factors that lead to excessive oestrogen synthesis in the body.
  • Correcting nutritional deficiencies & excesses.
  • Hormonal imbalances need correction. 
  • Make manoeuvres to enhance immunity.
  • Detoxify our system.

Medicine is a vast science which blends knowledge with art. Healing of subjects is an experience gained over the years. A good achievement must be shared with mankind