Teeth Whitening done in 15 minutes by Laser

A Couple Of Days Before The Event

You need a thorough Teeth cleani ng or scaling and polishing to make your breath smell the sweetest..

You may opt for a LASER Teeth whitening-to make your smile Sparkle..

TEETH WHITENING is a cosmetic procedure done for special occassions like MODELLING,


After scaling ang polishing , Compare the shade of the teeth in the shade guide before starting  the procedure.Teeth whitening material is applied on the tooth surface, then Laser light will be focussed on the tooth surface for 15 minutes.

Teeth whitening material will be cleaned  after 15 minutes.

 This  procedure is painless  and you will get sparkling white smile in 15 minutes. Now you compare the shades of teeth before and after.

Now you can confidently smile.