Hello, some of you have just heard the word "SHIRODHARA". Do you know what exactly shirodhara & its role?Shirodhara is a wonderful relaxing therapy in Ayurveda in which warm herbal oils or different decoction is gently poured on center of forehead which we can called as "SAHASRARA CHAKRA" for limited time according to individual. Generally it's around 30 minutes & total procedure time is around 45 minutes. 


Before starting shirodhara we after do light massage with herbal oil on forehead to make the individual feel comfortable and relaxed.


After shirodhara, we remove excessive oil from forehead & head. A short head massage is given for 5 minutes and next "DHOOMPANA" is given.

Why we should do SHIRODHARA?

Shirodhara helps relieve:

  1. Any kind of stress, tension or mental irritation 
  2. Negative approach or mood swings
  3. Disturbed sleep patterns
  4. Helpful in all sort of diseases related to brain like CVA, OCD, seizures, etc.
  5. Anxiety & nervousness
  6. Mental fatigue
  7. Poor concentration especially in students 
  8. Low IQ or EQ
  9. Disturbed subconscious mind

Effects of SHIRODHARA on you 

  1. Increases concentration 
  2. Improves grasping & recollection power
  3. Helps to be positive by stimulating chakra
  4. Sharpens memory 
  5. Reduces mental stress, tension & anxiety 
  6. Calms down mental irritation & provide sound sleep 
  7. Restores neuro-transmittance 
  8. Increases adaptogenic attitude to stress 
  9. Prevents loss of memory 
  10. Helps to regulates hormonal imbalance
  11. Rejuvenating to hairs & panchendriyas

In ayurveda, a person is considered healthy when he/she is physically fit + has a relaxed-happy mind & soul

Today, since everyone leads a fast & busy life, we all want to need have some relaxed moments to refresh the mind. SHIRODHARA is a great option. Everyone should try this therapy once!