If this happens, your pain will typically increase when you remove the support. Wearing a support is no replacement for rest in a relief position. If you have reached your limits, wearing a support should be second to resting.

METHODS. There is no magic in finding the right support it is a matter of consulting with your therapist or doctor and of trial and error. If it is the right support and fits correctly, it should give you an almost
immediate sense of relief by reducing the strain forces and allowing you to relax. To help you prevent your own postural support system from forgetting how to hold itself together you simply have to use your muscles with in the corset or collar. For example, if you are using an abdominal binder to decrease
pressure in the lower back, do not slouch in what the support,, expecting it to hold you up. Instead, feel what the support is attempting to do to your shape. Let your body assist naturally by thinking about how you feel more aligned, gently pull your lower abdomen up and in, away from the corset, while
maintaining a relaxed breathing pattern. Look in the mirror frequently to reinforce your upright and relaxed image. If you are using a soft collar for your neck, be sure that you are not holding or being held by the support in an exaggerated or rigid position with your headpushed forward or arched at the top so that TISSUE SENSITIVITY. A common reaction to long lasting pain is to avoid moving touched, or doing things that you once enjoyed because activity in general seems to increase your pain. However if you continue to avoid activity over a long period of time your electrical system will become more and more sensitive and this will make it easier to set off your pain. Your electrical system includes comfort circuits as well as pain circuits. If you totally avoid many of the activities you once enjoyed, your electrical system has no opportunity to use its normal comfort circuits. Hence, over time your electrical system fires comfort circuits less frequently, eventually firing more pain circuits than comfort circuits. Avoiding the activities you enjoy only increase your pain. By gradually introducing sensations and activities such as slow relaxed rhythmic movement and sensations such as massage vibration heat cold and electrical stimulation can all be used to boost the activity of your comfort circuits. Overtime you can reprogram your electrical system so that you can tolerate more and more sensation. As your comfort level improves, you can increase your activity level

THE STRUCTURAL SYSTEM. The structural system is your musculoskeletal system, which makes up the mechanical aspect of your body. It includes the bones and joints that make up the skeleton. The multi layered muscular tissues that connect, shape, and move the skeleton and the various types of tissue that separate, cushion and connect the skeletal and muscular tissues. Many people have some kind of problem with some part of the spine’s structure. These problems are the ones most often identified as the source of pain in the structural system. They may be caused by accident, aging, overuse or misuse of the structural system and/ or disease Structural imbalances can cause or aggravate your pain.

These imbalances may involve various stressful patterns of alignment and movement during daily activities, including rest, work, and exercise.