Sex is one of the very common elements of a healthy relationship. Though there is no official data accessible on how many people facing headaches as a consequence of sexual activity or during sexual activity, there is nothing to worry about at all as it is not related to the kind of serious illness.  One of the common reasons why no data is available is because only the partner is aware of the problem.  Usually, it is not discussed outside the bedroom. As a matter of fact, most of the times, women share this concern with their doctor instead of their partner. There are different forms of headaches that are related with sex. Both males or females get affected by it. If the problem persists and you are looking for advice, visit a sexologist right away.

The ties between headaches as well as sex are quite intricate. There is reason for the same. There are some people who have sex just to get rid of sex while there are others who avoid getting into sexual activity because of headache. There is yet another group of people who develop severe headache followed by orgasm. Is it not complex? For many people who say not tonight, I am having headache, anxiety as well as stress can be one reason. There are others who might say that say that I might develop headache. This might occur because of the exertion and blood vessels expansion.  For second reason, you can consider visiting the nearest sexologist to know the reason for the same.

As slated above, there are many different forms of sexual headaches. One of the scariest forms of sexual headaches is vascular headache.  Such headaches result from increase in blood pressure at the time of sexual activity. When you experience this type of headache that explores at the time of orgasm then there is very possibility that your sexologist might put you on medication that can help in controlling sexual headaches.  Postureheadaches occur most commonly when you are enjoying standing or sitting position. If you face similar condition then just lying down will help you get rid of the same.

No matter what is the reason of your headache, what is important is to get a book an appointment with the right and timely treatment.