Sex is art which just requires playfulness and practice says Dr Vaibhav Lunkad.

Lots of men think that women are interested in only size and timing(Just as Pak is India-centric,men are just penicentric).This increases fear of performance and hence ED or Premature ejaculation has become so common.Women are interested more in foreplay or romance and also caring,love talk or patting and fun.

Sex should happen and it is not something to be done.Also men unnecessarily hit the gym in toning and weight gain which further decreases the flexibility.

Copying the porn with oral or kissing further increases the over-excitability and ED.Smoking,tobacco or alcohol or excess beverages or spices also causes severe ED or PE.

So just sit with a sexologist and change your life by understanding the art and game of sex.

Please avoid Divorce,Death(due to high dose sildenafil),disease,discord says eminent sexologist of India,Dr Vaibhav Lunkad