Is the Big Fat Indian Wedding soon gonna be around the corner? Are you gearing up for your big day already? While we offer our heartiest congratulations on the new developments in you life and wish you all the happiness ahead, we can't help but remind you to take care of your most precious asset that you shall be wearing for your Wedding Day..your SMILE. We list below a simple timeline which you can utilize as a reference point to take care of this prized asset.

1-2 years to go?

Well, you are lucky to be starting early. With so much time in hand you can plan an almost perfect makeover. Do your teeth look crooked? Are there lots of spaces between them or do they appear too crowded? Are they too far in front or appear more inside than you want them too? All or any of these problems could easily be corrected by the use of Braces or Invisible Aligners. You can choose from a variety of options like metal, tooth-colored, transparent etc. We also work with the self-ligature system and use lingual braces too. Alternatively, you can opt for the simply stunning option of Invisible Aligners and get such issues sorted without the world coming to know of the process and yet being stunned by the results.

6 months-1 year to go?

You still have plenty of time in hand. Are there any missing teeth that need replacement or just large unsightly gaps? Dental implants could come to your rescue. There are now various ways and protocols of doing these and we give our patients all options including 2-stage, 1-stage and Immediate Implants. We could also offer your parents and grandparents these options should they need it or offer implant-supported dentures as a better alternative to conventional ones, if they wear those. In case, you are wary of the implant process (which you shouldn't be by the way), or if you are found medically unfit for the procedure, you can opt instead of beautiful Zirconia crowns or bridges.

2 months-6 months to go?

We are getting closer to your special day. Its time to get your act in place. if you could not opt for the Aligners or Braces earlier, now is the time to opt for Smile Makeovers or Smile Designing instead. This is a domain we have acquired huge expertise in by virtue of rigorous training and having done cases by the sackful across all our centers in Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore. We accomplish such makeovers using procedures like Bonding or Direct Veneers, Indirect or Ceramic Veneers, All-Ceramic crowns, Teeth Whitening, LASER-assisted procedures, cosmetic gum surgeries etc. You have to see us to believe the impossible is possible and make everybody go WOW!!

1 month-2 months to go?

You are getting closer to getting hitched. But the pearly whites aren't so white after all. But you need not press the panic button. While you can opt for home whitening kits as well, but, we'd recommend you can consider in-office procedures. We do these either by utilizing Power Whitening using light-activated systems or the more contemporary LASER whitening. Sit through these procedures in the serene comfort of our offices with soft music filling up the background, while your smile undergoes a transformation that will leave you feeling better than you ever have since your fiancee popped the question you have waited so long to hear.

1-4 weeks to go?

It's time to smooth out the creases and get the final preparations on track. In India, it could get as hectic as can be. But, this is the time you should schedule appointments with your make-up artists and your wedding photographer. Work out the best makeup to compliment your smile. Bright punchy colors could help offset any residual yellowness of your teeth. You can also consider the season you are in to plan your make up. Darker shades like turquoise, purple and silver would better suit the cooler climes while shades of lighter blue, green and blush pink would complement a spring or summer wedding better. This is also the time to sit with your photographer to work out the best angles that enhance your photogenic smile and make you look as dazzling as can be. Based on inputs from these people, your Dentist could also bring about the necessary minor changes and enhancement to your smile. Its also time now to go slow on your favorite dark coffee, the red wine or anything else that might unduly stain your beautiful smile.

0-1 week to go?

We are getting as close as can be. And we know you are very hard-pressed for time now. But, it is now time for your final visit to your dentist before the big day. This is when we carry out a final round of Scaling and Polishing for all your teeth and give you the final instructions in the lead up. Do not forget to brush twice daily and floss before you go to bed at night. Use a mouth wash if we recommend one. Drink lots of water and rinse your mouth after all meals and snacks.

The Big Day is Finally Here

Make sure you have slept well. Enjoy every moment of the day with your friends and family and of course your chosen one. Make sure your makeup and photography goes as planned. Also take care to keep a napkin handy at all times to gently wipe off your teeth after eating and sipping on anything that might stain them. Go out there and stun the world..for this is your day!!