Here is a fun fact! Our skin is the largest, heaviest and fastest growing organ of the human body. All the cosmetic creams and lotions available in the market put together are just not enough to give it the desired look and texture. To enrich the skin, supply it with vital nutrients from inside and enjoy the natural glow. These foods will replenish your parched skin with all the essentials required for the shiny and smooth skin that you have always wanted. Ayurveda is embedded with such unique secrets which are now being scientifically explored.


It has been scientifically proved that tomatoes are a storehouse of antioxidants and vitamin C. Lycopene, a powerful antioxidant, the one which imparts the classic red colour to the tomatoes is a blessing for the skin. It is a natural sunscreen that protects against sunburns caused by UV rays. Therefore, eat at least one raw tomato, or juice it up daily or add its pulp to veggies while you cook them to have a naturally glowing skin.


The beta-carotene present in pumpkins converts to vitamin A in the body. Vitamin A is like an internal exfoliator that brushes off the old and dead skin cells and helps to regenerate new skin cells. Thus, it removes away the dryness of the skin. Therefore, cook it or have it by itself to enjoy soft and radiant skin.


The carotenoids or the beta-carotenes present in the carrot, basically vitamin A again, prevent sun tan, which keeps the skin glowing. In addition, it fights the wrinkles and helps keep the skin smooth. Therefore, chop the carrots long and have it in your salad daily or instead have its juice for some shiny, healthy skin.


This is an all-time favourite fruit that is full of vitamin C which keeps the skin firm and prevents its premature ageing. Make it a point to eat an apple daily to ensure smooth and glowing skin. An apple a day more than keeps the doctor away!


The antioxidants present in spinach have an anti-inflammatory effect, which flush out toxins and make the skin less prone to pimples. Either soup up the spinach or grind it to make a tasty curry to give your skin a little health treatment. All this awesomeness in spinach is courtesy its high content of vitamin A!


These are a storehouse of omega-3 fatty acids as well as vitamin E that preserve shine of the skin, making it look young and smooth. Have a couple walnuts daily in the morning or use them to munch on as a mid meal snack to reap the benefits of this amazing nut.


These are a rich source of vitamin E. Research has shown that vitamin E protects the skin cells from UV damage and fights the cell damage caused by the free radicals.Therefore, munch on six to eight almonds daily and feel the difference in your skin.