Say what ??

A series of transparent aligners to realign teeth , have now entered the arena of teeth alignment. Aligners are made of thin transparent plastic, that can be removed or easily changed every two weeks, sparing patients the tedious task of aesthetic or functional maintenance.

Indications-   (Is my plight, fitting right ?)

  • For diastema (space) closure.
  • For correction of moderate crowding of anterior (front) teeth.
  • To correct deep bite and over jet.

Note- Detailed examination is critical, as all cases cannot be treated using this. Evaluation is provided to achieve better execution of cases.

If the dentists confirms, that you can be treated using clear aligners, you will be at an advantage of the following-

  • No metal brackets or wires that may cause pain, irritation or friction.
  • Almost invisible and transparent splints.
  • Hygienic, as it can be taken off and is easy to clean.
  • Highly bio compatible
  • Hassle free speech and smile.
  • Blends with lips and cheeks 
  • Fewer and shorter appointments required.
  • Time saving correction of misplaced teeth
  • Final result can be envisioned before the treatment starts.
  • Easy option for patient's who lives over seas, and has the trusting doctor else where.

How does it work?

Tech - Track ! 

  • The treatment consists of a revolutionary system which integrates the latest software and 3D CAD/CAM technology.
  • The patient models are scanned with a high tech 3D digital scanner, and supports in planning and mapping out all intermediate stages necessary to reach the predetermined goal of aligned teeth.
  • At each transitional stage,only minor tooth movement is effected and assists to progressively re position the teeth.
  • After two weeks, the next set of aligners should be used. The treatment thus advances accordingly.
  • Each dent care aligner must be put on for at least 20 hours a day for two weeks.
  • Treatment time varies based on the complexity of the tooth movement planned.

Note - Do talk to your dentist if you fit in the category of patients that can have clear aligners. Dent care aligners is used by most of the dentists, which is a lab partner most trusted by thousands of dental clinicians world wide.

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