Sensitive Skin - What is it and approach?

Sensitive skin is a condition of subjective cutaneous hyper reactivity to environmental factors.

What are the symptoms?

If you have sensitive skin, you may have exaggerated reaction to cosmetics, soaps and sunscreens which can worsen after exposure to dry and cold climates.
Although no sign of irritation is commonly detected, itching, burning , stinging and a tight sensation are constantly present.
Patients with sensitive skin can present with either skin that appears normal to the eye or overt skin disease.


Consult a dermatologist (recommended)

Basic skin-care and cosmetic recommendations to minimize chances of encountering problems:

  • Eliminate common irritants like soaps, cosmetics.
  • Select products from a manufacturer who uses high quality pure ingrediens free of contaminants
  • Paraben preservatives have proven to be least problematic
  • For cleansing, use SYNDET bars/Lipid free cleansers

Draelos cosmetic selection criteria in sensitive skin

  • Powder cosmetics should be selected
  • Cosmetics should be water removable
  • Old cosmetics should be discarded
  • Eyeliner and mascara should be black
  • Pencil formaulations for eyeliner and eyebrow cosmetics
  • Eye shadows should be earth toned(tan, beige, light pink and cream)
  • Avoid chemiocal sunscreens in cosmetics
  • Avoid nail polishes
  • Select cream/powder facial foundations, or if liquid, silicone based formulations