The gastrocnemius region of musculature will originate superiorly at the articular surfaces of the later and medial condyle and insert into the tendo calcaneus.  The calf muscles will typically display patterns of dysfunction as a result of poor intrinsic core stability.  When the core systems responsible for keeping our center of gravity intact are not working, the calf region will typically be the region of musculature that acts as a point of stability.  

This was indicated to me in my career when I would have people do stability exercises and their calves and feet would feel the fatigue before anything else.  After incorporating weight distribution techniques in conjunction with calf myofascial release, their reaction to stability exercise completely changed.  

Most of the tension would then be felt in the posterior chain of the upper legs and core.  By releasing the musculature in the gastrocnemius, we will take the progressive steps towards re-associating the intrinsic core systems for stability.  The gastrocnemius region will tend to be very tender in most people, due to the compensatory reactions it has been associating for stability.  This is another muscle that might be best suited to start with on a tennis ball before progressing to a lacrosse ball.


Place the lacrosse ball directly underneath the highest portion of the Gastrocnemius. To start, place one leg over the top. Once the muscle has settled in, we can now put the other leg over the top to apply more force. As tension releases we will move all the way down towards the achilles tendon.