Whales have heart rates @2/minute while in water and it's up by 4 while out of water,while hunting.

Humans have heart rates between 60-80 and athletic people or others who believe in regular Exercise Tend to Have a Lower Heart Rate.

Some Medicines Do Increase Heart Rate. Medicines to Control Asthma & Low Functioning Thyroid Gland.

Some Medicines Do Reduce Heart Rate. Medicines Used as Sedatives, Beta Blockers used for High BP & to Prevent Cardiac Diseases or Migraines.

Though Humans have 60-80/minute during restful phase and it goes up to 200 per minute while hunting for a Prey to-

1) Humiliate

2) To get angry at or

3) To Even out

Heart rate increases due to:

 Steroids released by 

1) Fight ( instigate others & run away !)

2) Flight ( Running away from responsibilities or designated jobs )

3) Freight 

4) Stress due to Negativity

a) Healthy stress is good because of achievements do bring in laurels to keep us moving forwards & not taking us backwards towards a miserable past, made complicated by Selfish humans ( Fight the Cause through proper channel & Do Not Fight with Humans to lose sleep over it ) 

b) Don't run away from situations because the hearts can't take the Stress ( Flight )

c) Failure of achievements do bring in more stress 

I am sharing with my colleagues so that Violence against Doctors does bring in a healthy Introspection and solution to the problems.

d) Cribbing is not a solution 

e)Take care of your health dear colleagues because the same violent society is looking up to us for their solutions 

f) My observations about violent society are--

Some violent behavior is present within their own people 

Dog eats dogs prevails in Rural areas fed on Freebies 

It prevails in fairly rich people fed on Hope of Inheritance,doing nothing Fruitful for their families and lawyers gain through their hopes.

Hard working personal living in any colony don't have time to get violent because they value the job culture of Self & Job Culture of others, associated with them.