Incorrect lifestyle where there is an excess of calories consumption.Sedentary pattern where there is no motivation for exercises Uncontrolled thought process  where negativity compounds anxiety,stress,depression & a spectrum of mental disorders.emerge.A beautiful management of these  vital factors affect our well being.We are the author of our health or diseases.It solely depends on our body management skills.Make soul,your inner consciousness ,the manager of your body & mind.Refined carbohydrates such as sugar,sweets,maida,sweet beverages are converted to fatty acids when not burnt out in activities.The conversion takes place in liver. Excess fat deposits at various sites in our body.  Sedentary individuals burn less calories,this adds on conservation of fat.The resultant outcome is disease manifestation as liver& gall bladder diseases,narrowing of blood vessels known as atherosclerosis. This indirectly affects the perfusion of different organs with damaging consequences. This is seen most commonly as the rising incidence of cardiac attacks,stroke,chronic kidney disease liver failure tumors & cancers of various kinds. Our uncontrolled mind prevents the rectification of the underlying factor. Control of mind is achieved through meditative practice . The best way to nourish ourselves is to honour nature .A diet blended with various plant & dairy products along with eggs chicken &fish  are  good. Go for authentic Indian spices & herbs to garnish your food .Steam cooking is a smart way to preserve the nutrient value of food.Use mono or poly unsaturated oils for cooking purpose. Avoid tampering your food with salt or sugar for all purposes. God has packed all the minerals desired by us in the natural products that we consume. Small  and frequent meals, early hearty breakfast, mindful eating, early dinner and swallowing 10 to 12 glasses of water are good health practices. At least 30 to 45 minutes of moderate exercise is also essential for our health. Would like to share a beautiful quotation of his highness Dalai Lama. The world today doesn't need more successful people but more  Healers Restorers Story tellers  andPeace makes of all kinds.