Teeth scaling/cleaning is a routinely performed dental procedure which removes plaque and tartar deposits stuck on teeth are cleaned with ultrasonic machine

Healthy gums attach to the tooth 1-3 millimeters below the gum line. With gum disease, you’ll begin to develop deeper pockets. These can fill with plaque, worsening your problems and causing symptoms bad breath, bleeding gums, loss of support around teeth. Most people believe scaling weakens the teeth and makes them loosen.

The problem is the deposits over period of long time make a hard semi calcified layer between the gums and teeth. Henceforth the gums are detached and recessed from the teeth so when the calculus/tartar/deposits are removed from the gum-line it gives you the feeling of mobile teeth, that give false feeling of being support for teeth, but that is a" bad support" of the teeth that is being removed. So over the period time the  hard deposits leads loss of healthy gum tissue and bone .some people think after hard deposits removed teeth become sensitive. Yes, they become but for few days as once hard deposits remove root surface exposed and they are sensitive to temperature changes in oral cavity. People believe after scaling of teeth leads to increase in gaps between teeth but they are temporary once hard tartar removed the gums regain their natural position unless there is pathological movement of teeth due to bone loss around teeth a popular belief is scaling is painful procedure, scaling is a virtually painless procedure, with recent advances in cleaning ultrasonic instruments you feel just vibrations.

One should get scaling /cleaning of teeth twice a year. Fact is there are no side effects of getting scaling done.

A six monthly visit to dentist is advisable to see any problem associated with teeth. Have a healthy smile and healthy life!