If you have a toddler, you certainly know the struggles of keeping everything safe from them and more importantly, keeping them safe from everything. With their newly discovered ways of crawling and walking, nothing is out of reach from them at home. 

It is important to ensure various safety measures are taken to avoid common home injuries like falls, burns, poisoning, etc. You can keep your child safe by identifying potential risks, and ways to prevent them. Here are some safety tips you need to follow to keep your toddlers safe from harmful items and accidents at home.

6 Safety Measures For Homes With Toddlers

1. Sharp Items Must be Kept Away 

Generally, toddlers consider everything as their toys. Sharp objects like safety pins, knives, forks, etc., are dangerous for them. They may cut or injure themselves while playing with sharp objects. You must always keep sharp objects away in a locked drawer.

2. Keep Small Things Out of Their Reach

Keep objects like coins, buttons, balloons, etc., out of their reach. You may not consider these small objects as dangerous but they can be for your toddlers. They have the tendency to put all small things into their mouth and can choke themselves. 

3. Never Leave Toddlers Alone Near Water

Splashing around in the water is a fun activity for all toddlers. Watch over your toddler while he/she is in a paddling pool or a bathtub. Keep everything you may need for the bath beforehand to avoid leaving your baby in the tub. 

Never leave him/her unattended near water as your toddler might fall in the tub and get injured or may aspirate the water and choke on it.

4. Keep All Chemicals Away 

Keep all cleaning products and chemicals like phenyl, paint, spirit, medicines, pesticides, etc., high up, out of their sight. These chemicals are highly poisonous if inhaled or consumed by toddlers. It’s best to keep these products locked up in a cabinet.

5. Cover All The Electrical Outlets And Wires at Home

Your toddler might mess around with electrical outlets, plug points, and holes, by putting his/her fingers into them, which could be dangerous. It is advisable to cover electrical sockets which are not in use with child-proof electrical outlet caps. Dispose or replace old electrical gadgets like mobile chargers, laptop cables, etc. 

Ensure all the electric wires are insulated. Proper grounding, and using electrical safety devices can help avoid accidents. You can teach your toddler about the dangers of electric shock and guide him/her not to touch any electric sockets. Ensure that the wiring system of your house is safe.

6. Always Keep a First Aid Kit Accessible

In rare instances, accidents may happen even after taking all the necessary precautions. You should be prepared to handle such emergency situations.  

Always keep a first aid kit ready with bandages, burn lotions, or creams, that might be required at any point. Keep the contact details of your pediatrician handy in case of emergency.

Understanding the importance of these safety measures will help you keep common home accidents at bay and keep your toddler protected. Make sure you are around when your toddler is playing or having a bath to avoid any mishaps.


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