In the game rummy of life you already have a pure sequence of air, water and food.

You have another sequence of shelter, security and society.

You have GOD as first joker in your cards. You have to attach peaceful and pleasure producing incidents with the GOD.

This way you become safe in rummy of life. These are the essentials for being safe in rummy of life.

It is notable that you need to arrange for only two cards of peaceful and pleasure producing incidents. Remaining seven cards are already in your hand.

Once you are safe you can create the remaining four card sequence according to the availability of resources. These four cards are power, position and pennies attached with the second joker which is the ‘teachings of GOD.’

This completes the thirteen cards of your rummy of life.

Rise and shine.

Say aloud.

Yes!  I am safe! I am perfect! I am ready! I am coming!