Sometimes stressful niche is not handled or confronted by our body properly and the stressor used to affect our life. Then HPA (hypothalamo-pituitary-adrenal) axis starts working to defend our body. In that situation, secretion of insulin is inhibited; and supply of glucose is increased in the serum. Due to the lack of insulin, glucose molecules are not absorbed by the cell’s membranes. Besides this, cell’s membranes becomes less sensitive to insulin receptor. Finally, hyperglycemia arises. If hyperglycemia persists for longer time period then multifarious disorders grows and diabetes mellitus type 2 comes into existence.

In other words we can say that root cause of diabetes mellitus type 2 is low psychoneuroimmunity. With the help of some specific yogic practices we are able to increase our psychoneuroimmunity significantly within very short time span.