In Tooth infection mainly the decayed or infected pulpal tissues are removed. Today, Root canal treatment is the safest way of saving the infected teeth & to maintain its functionality.

 Causes of pulpal damage

Dental caries, trauma, periodontal disease, tooth fracture due to high impact.

The pulp is the soft tissue that contains nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. It lies within the tooth and extends from the crown to the tip of the root, Bacterial development in the pulp, causing an infection inside the tooth, damage the nerves (pulpal tissues ), and it causes a deep crack, cavity or fracture. When the infected pulp is not removed, then pain and swelling can result in forming a "pus formation" called an abscess. An abscess can cause damage to the bone around the teeth.

To cure the tooth infection, there are 2 options available, either remove the tooth and if you want to save the tooth then the only option is  Root canal treatment (RCT). Root canal treatment often involves single to multiple visits. 

Main Aim of Root canal treatment is to save the natural tooth with its functionality 

During treatment, a dentist cleans the pulpal cavity of infected debris, the diseased pulp, pulpal remnants, then the pulpal chamber and canal of the tooth are then cleaned and sealed followed by a crown to maintain the tooth in function.

If you are suffering from a tooth infection & want to save the natural tooth, then you need to go for the root canal procedure. While having the root canal procedure, you should consider an experienced dentist.