It is rightly said that ‘You are what you eat.’ Exercise and balanced diet are 2 major components of good health. In today’s era of alarming pollution there are numerous pulmonary diseases and respiratory problems. Physiotherapy helps in treating few pulmonary issues. Along with physiotherapy one should focus on healthy and balanced diet. 

Changing your eating habits won’t cure disease like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) but it helps a lot in making you feel better. Your body uses food for energy as a part known as metabolism. 

Food is the source which provides your body all nutrients such as carbs, proteins, fibre, fats and that affects your daily activities including breathing, sleeping. It also affects your energy level. 

Good nutrition helps your body to fight infections maintaining healthy body weight and good metabolism. Along with therapy, you should also take high fibre food such as fruits, beans, whole grains, cereals etc. Fibre rich food also help people to reduce a certain level of Cholesterol in their blood and controls glucose level.