Definition: This is an inflammatory disease of the skin marked by an eruption of flattened, dull red, shiny papules, with a central depression, a tendency to coalesce and to form into patches.

Symptoms: This lesions are at first discrete, but show a marked tendency to aggregate into irregular patches of various sized line or circle. The eruptions appear first upon the anterior surface, forearm, legs, and trunk. It pursues a chronic course, and disappear by resolution, leaving a pigmented, rough and uneven surface.

Pathology: The microscope shows a mass of round cell in the papillary layer of corium, with thickening of the rete (a network of blood vessels or nerve cells). The papules are formed usually around the sweat ducts, which give rise to the umbilicate appearance.

Etiology: This disease which rare in children, usually beginning between the thirtieth and fortieth year of adult life. It occurs in those patients suffering from mental or nervous disease having a rheumatic or gouty tendency, suggesting the manifestation of some form of sycosis.

Treatment : There are various type of medicine in homeopathy, such as Ant crud , Ars alb, Sepia, EchasiaQ ,Ars iod, Nat Mur 6X , Berb aqaQ, sarsaQ, and locally applied medicine like CalundalaQ eExt and EchasiaQExt.

But homeopathic treatment depend on totality of symptoms and patients constitutions. So, use homeopathic medicine under qualified doctor  consolations or observations.

Along with homeopathic treatment patient diet should consist of vegetables ,cereals, eggs, milk and should avoid spicy food, street food and other fast foods and take proper hydration.