All of us have gone through many articles on Joint Replacements.

Varying on the Implant Specifications to the update of Navigation. Computer-assisted Joint Replacement.

As the need & the longevity increased with the Implant & the day to day demanding patients; Joint replacements have come up with the new era of modern Robotic Technology.

As the Bone rescution very minimal & less of the soft tissue is handled pain will be very less &Rehabilitation will be much faster compared to the conventional knee / joint replacement.

Advantages of Robotic Replacements:

  • Small Incision, Less pain
  • More natural feeling knee
  • less blood loss Increase longevity of 
  • the implants Shorter hospital stay & faster rehabilitation

The Robotic system helps to the precisely demanded the worn out cartilage from the normal bone (remove only the damaged part) perfectly size the implants, give the precise cuts as per the sizing,perfectly balance the ligaments to normal / natural knee & place the implant more anatomically and confirm it over the operating field.

Hence forth the system gives the most advanced , most precious, & more anatomical knee joint. Thereby reproducing the near natural knee & there by given the longevity of the implants preventing their wear& tear.

As all of us know, Technology & medicine is a daily learning & improvising system, the integration of the technology and life care have propelled the need for Robotic Surgeries leading onto the most precious then ever before surgical outcomes.

As the outcomes have been proved and time turned with the Oncology (cancer) and neurosurgery,gastro surgery departments.

Joint Replacement being the most successful needed & life modifying surgeries of the geriatric population, the orthopedic (Joint Replacement) surgeries and the Robotic engineers has started toward hand in hand since 2010-11. 1st FDA approval has been in news since 2012 , following which showed the never expected, unremarkable results in the UNICONDYLAR knee, revolutionizing the world from the replacement to the resurfacing.

In the UNICONDYLAR knee commonly seen in the young & high demand patients hence Robotic play in very crucial role in the resurfacing the worn out cartilage with just scrubbing off the cartilage loss rather than cutting the healthy bone with the help of the hand held Robotic arm with the burr. 

Amazed with these results, the Robotic system has further evaluated with the patella femoral & Total Knee Replacements.

In these hand hold Robotic once the entire registration of the knee is done, the worn out area is defined and the ROBOTIC ARM - Hand held, itself controls the exposer, it controls the speed & henceforth it only removes the worn out and dead part of the cartilage & bone, leaving behind the normal structure.

As always Srikara comes to give the best to the society with the most advanced system in the field of orthopedics. & proud being one the leaders in the OXINIUM VERILAST TECHNOLOGY with the support of you all, we want to give back the best again for those who trust us the most. We are happy to announce all our well wishers, supporters and most importantly our patients that we are the 1st to introduce Robotic Joint Replacement in South India & would like to serve you in all Best possible way.