The failure of dental implant is five to ten percent. There can be following risk of getting low quality dental implants.

1. Implant might fail in short period immediately or over months, after implant placement-considering cheap costing dental implants, rarely mean good.

2. Primary stability is affected making micro movements in the bone leading to fail implant.Primary stability is not achieved due lack in the fixture part of the implant to the bone.

3. An allergic reaction may develop with the underlying bone or surrounding tissue, if the implant is not accepted.

4. Loading prosthesis might also fail low quality implant by breaking it or by movement caused due to loading of prosthesis.

5. Low quality implants could break or one can discover that the fit is improper. This will not only cause pain and discomfort but also can affect your daily routine.

6. There can be health issues associated with low quality dental implants. Localized infections are likely to occur over short period associated with pain and swelling of gums. This could be due to poor oral hygiene.

7. Long term complications may include incorrect placements of implants in the jaw causing bone loss making the implant lose. Implant once loosened creates a pocket in which bacteria invades causing bacterial infection.

8. Getting implants from less reputable practice- not only affect the overall health but also the bank balance.

9. Dental insurance cover very little or almost no cost for any dental implant treatment. It’s always worth in investing in higher- quality service as you oral health plays important role in overall well being.

10. The risk occurs when you prioritize cost over quality.