Sun- Fun -Done-

Now that it is summer and the heat is sucking your energy out, dry dehydrated skin and chapped (ripped) lips are common.  Having a healthy , clear skin with soft lips that acts as canvas to a beautiful smile, dramatically improves your over all appearance.

Did you know?

  • The skin on the lips gets dry and easily chapped and with age, it quickly loses its collagen, oil, and moisture.
  • With age the lips droop and provide less support to the surrounding skin promoting wrinkles.
  • Lips are very sensitive to sun and can even develop spots and freckles over time.

However, there are some simple things you can do to achieve and maintain sumptuous younger looking lips-

  1. Apply a lip balm daily .It's best to choose one with SPF 45 or higher.
  2. Use  a lip balm that contains essential vitamins and nutrients to keep them moisturized and healthy.
  3. Look for balms that have anti oxidants to protect against aging effects of free radical damage.

Basic lip mask - 

Apply some honey to your lips using a small spatula or spoon. You can also use your fingers, as long as they are very clean. You want a nice, thick layer of honey over your lips, but not so thick that it drips down your chin.

  • Press a rectangular plastic wrap over your lips ,gently press the plastic wrap over the honey. This will help trap all the heat and moisture.
  • Leave the honey and plastic wrap on your lips for 15 minutes. Honey is a natural moisturizer, so leaving it on your lips for so long will allow it to hydrate your lips, leaving them feeling soft and silky.
  • Apply a lip mask twice a week it will help restore smoothness.
  • Avoid spicy foods or acidic foods when your lips are dry and chapped.
  • Hydrating foods such as melons or cucumbers will actually cool and moisturize your lips.

For chapped lips-

Apply a thick coat of lip balm to the lips extending over the edges and allow it to remain there for a minute or two, then using a clean soft cloth buff the lip balm away with gentle back and forth motion until the peeling of becomes easy.Reapply the balm often, to prevent further chapping

Tip for the ladies 

When choosing a lipstick shade, try one that matches the colour of your gums exactly. It will more likely make your teeth look whiter and become a favorite shade of yours.

Choose a shade of lip liner that matches your lip colour. Don't apply the liner or lipstick outside the border of your lips.

Deep matte colours make lips appear thinner and older, whereas shimmery colours give lips a fuller, younger look.

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