Being overweight is a very common health problem. Although most people confuse weight with appearance, it is important to clear certain points. While we all strive to lose weight for our looks but at the same time weight can have major impact on our health. 

A number of serious issues like diabetes, high blood pressure, gynaecological disorders tend to develop, which make lives nothing, but difficult. Here are some tips that could help us to lose weight and stay healthy.

1.  Eating food items that would speed up the fat burning process can be a great beginning. Beans, walnuts, apples, spices, oats, ginger, green tea are certain food products,which help in increasing metabolism, thereby, helping in breaking down the food into energy faster, without much sugar storage (which could change into fats eventually). 

2. Exercise compliments weight loss process. Running, cycling, boot camping, zumba and body combats are certain ways that help lose weight faster. Also cardio is an important part of exercise that enormously helps in weight loss. Jogging, swimming, circuit training, cross-trainer etc.are certain examples of cardio exercises. 

3. One major mistake people make in the spur of losing weight is cutting off meals. That is the worst one could do as not only does it not help in weight loss, but also at times causes just the reverse. It is important to have small yet frequent meals throughout the day.

 4. A proper sleep cycle is absolutely necessary for losing weight. Improper sleep would make us tired and prevent us from working efficiently and also indirectly cause our body to crave for sugar. 

5. Eating a proper, healthy and full breakfast that would include high fibre and protein would make individuals have a lot of energy throughout the day and also help avoid unnecessary munching. 

6. Walking everyday is a great way to lose weight. Walking for 30 minutes every day prevents gaining weight, however, walking 45 minutes promotes weight loss. 

7.  Eating fruits vegetables and avoiding complex carbs is another advice for losing weight faster. 

Stay Healthy, Stay Blessed!!