Rheumatoid Arthritis is a self limiting condition. But, by the time it leaves, the patient is crippled due to deformities & contractures & is demoralised.  Medicines help in controlling the pain & inflammation. Physiotherapy maintains join mobility, prevents contractures, deformities & helps in locomotion.

Anyway it may be tried:

Acetaminophen 250 mg TDSX 5 days

Bio D3 Max  1 tab OD X 10 days

Keep your moral up.

God bless you.

Commonly used drugs in rheumatoid Arthritis are:

  1. HCQS (IPC Alab)200/300/400mg tabs OD/ BD
  2. FOLITRAX tabs (IPCA lab) methotraxate  2.5,/5.0,/ 7.5,/ 10.0,/ 15.0, mg tabs.Weekly dose
  3. SAAZ tabs (IPCA lab)500/1000mg tabs.OD
  •  LEFNO lefunomide (IPCA lab)20.0,10.0mg tabs. ODdose.

These are all effective but toxic drugs. They should be taken under close medical supervision. Their doses need to be monitored from time to time. They can cause bone marrow depression & affect other organs adversely. LFT, KFT  & other investigative procedures may have to be under taken repeatedly.

Many of the antiRheumatoid drugs (DMRD) have teratogenic effect i.e. they affect the unborn baby adversely. You must discuss it with your treating doctor in detail.