Motherhood is one of the most privileged blessings that the fair sex has been endowed with. It defines who they are. 

Motherhood is just not about carrying baby and then bringing it to life, it’s a gamut of expressions – the deepest and the most touching kinds.

Kindness, Care, Compassion, Unconditional Love, Adoration, Bond, Connect – the emotions and experiences are unparalleled. 

Myself being a new first time mom but a relatively old doctor, I wish to educate the whole lot of young women on dental care who aspire to be moms. As surprising it may sound, healthy mouth and teeth are essential to healthy and safe pregnancy. These seemingly innocuous conditions and can go a long way in either marring or enriching your pregnancy experience.

What changes during pregnancy?

Pregnancy causes hormonal changes that increase the risk of developing gum diseases which can affect the health of developing fetus.

Before planning to conceive

• Get a dental appointment ant get oral screening done before getting pregnant.

• Get your teeth professionally cleaned and avoid the risk of getting gum infection. In fact, get all your dental problems addressed in time. 

As I always say, a healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy living.

Once you have conceived and carry a beautiful life inside of you 

Do not skip your dental checkup appointment simply because you're pregnant. Regular periodontal exams are very important because pregnancy causes hormonal changes that put you at increased risk of periodontal disease, pregnancy gingivitis which can hinder with the growth of the fetus and may lead to premature birth. I have written extensively on this issue in past.

Don’t forget to tell your dentist if you're pregnant. Routine dental care can be done any time during pregnancy. Any urgent procedure can be also done. Elective can be done post pregnancy.

Before coming to dentist check with your obstetrician to see if she has any special precautions or instructions for you. Give all the details about the names and dosage of all the medicines you are taking prescribed by the obstetrician. Based on this information dentist may alter your treatment plan. Better still, carry your medical prescriptions and documents.

Dental x-rays can be done during pregnancy by safeguarding you and your baby through shielding your abdomen and thyroid.

Try to maintain good oral hygiene throughout the pregnancy by brushing twice and flossing everyday.If you're not brushing your teeth due to morning sickness then switch to bland tasting toothpaste. Rinsing your mouth with a medicated mouthwash is good option, ask your dentist for options.

Eat a healthy, balanced diet. Healthy diets containing dairy products, cheese and yogurt are a good source of minerals which are essential for baby's developing teeth, gums and bones. Avoid sugary snacks. Have lots of raw vegetables.

With these little caveats, you should be on the way to being a great mom - a super mom!

Happy Mother's Day.