Every year I keep reading resolutions people make on New Year, I will start going to the gym, I will wake up early, I will concentrate on myself and so on and so forth. What I always think is why can’t we include "people" in our resolution? People around us who love us, care for us, need us in a way we never think. 

Let’s start this New Year with some different resolutions, some promises that are easy to keep and will definitely help people around us: Let’s try to be a better individual in 2019 than we were in 2018

  • Wake up each day with Gratitude, thank God for giving you a life that many of them dream about.
  • Try and greet everyone with Smile whoever come across you. A smile is contagious once you start it, it’s definitely going to go long way.
  • Let’s start Respecting people who work for us, our maid, watchmen, peon, waiter, etc. Be grateful for their services, their efforts.     
  • Be Humble and Respectful towards your parents, because of them you are at the position where your right now·       
  • Be Thankful to people who had been there in your worst times, who helped you to stand again.Call them and let them know, how they had made a difference.
  • Throw out the Trash from your mind and heart: if you are wrong Apologize, if you love and care Show.
  • Don’t Promise if u can’t fulfill.
  • Don’t give False Hopes to anyone.     
  • Don’t Listen to someone’s story if you want to do same to them.
  • Don’t Break someone’s trust because, if its broken it will be very difficult for the person to trust again.
  • Don’t try to Help anyone if u can’t be there throughout the process, you being there halfway can wreck them further.
  • Never Forget who helped you in the situation where you almost drowned.
  • We always keep hurting people who really loved and cared for us, they never complain but it breaks them to a core.
  • Thank for each and every single moment you live, and try to make it better not only for you but for people around u.
  • And Lastly: I keep on hearing this every time, enjoy your own company, be alone, totally appreciated. But deep down we all know we need people to share things, to laugh with, to take care, to cry, we need them in every walk of life, so feel blessed if you have them in your life. Embrace them with open arms, and acknowledge their efforts throughout.