Now that you have surpassed your fear with tooth extraction its time that you keep some important things in mind.

Here are some aftercare tips for your wisdom teeth removal so you can prevent complications and ensure that extraction site heals well.

1.Remove the gauze piece  after 45 mins which is placed after your wisdom tooth removal.

2.Once you remove this gauze piece have cup of cold ice cream placed at the site of tooth removal.

3. After you are done with this take the following medication like the antibiotics, painkiller, medication for your swelling.

4.Now the most important thing which you should keep in mind if you have undergone extraction and its surgical then a hard swelling is expected. It would start to go away after the 4th day of removal. So, please keep calm and do not panic! 

5.Next most important thing following the extraction you might notice reduced mouth  opening so don't panic about that too, for over a period of time with few efforts the mouth opening will be regained.

5. Following wisdom tooth removal post 24 hrs start your routine food habits if you can and keep in mind to rinse your mouth after every meal to keep the area clean.

6. Once 7 days are gone, visit the clinic to get your stitches removed which hardly takes 5 mins and don't worry removing stitches are not painful!