Choosing the right Cleanser

It is always necessary and critical for the makeup remover to be rinsed, as well as being able to dissolve and disperse cosmetics efficiently to protect the skin from physical damage. In order to dissolve the oily cosmetics, the cleanser must be lipophilic, which means that it should be oil based. On the other hand, in order to rinse, it must be hydrophilic.Therefore to meet both needs, the ideal cleanser must satisfy these features at the same time.

Apart from there are several features and characteristics are required for an ideal make-up remover so they effectively remove oily materials effectively without damaging the skin. Here are four vital features are

1. Easy to apply on the skin

2. Dissolves oily dirt quickly

3. Easy to rub

4. Easy to rinse off

Makeup-Removing Facts

A number of studies have shown that wet tissues do not thoroughly clean the skin of impurities and makeup, but just spread dirtiness collected on your face throughout the day. In addition, the liquid soaked in the wet tissues may contain ingredients that do not suit your skin. Problems also occur when removing weatherproof mascara and eyeshadow, because that way you make sudden and harsh movements that can create tiny wrinkles around the eyes. By irritating the thin skin around the eyes redness, swelling and subcutaneous acne may occur.

Is Baby Oil Safe?

Baby oil works but it is bad for your skin, over time it will add up to the unneeded oil in your skin and even after washing it won’t come out.what you can use is petroleum jelly. It's very cheap and will get it off.

Natural Removers

Castor oil is a great antibacterial and is the best for cleaning skin. Other oils to use include olive (perfect for all skin types), jojoba(perfect for all skin types), avocado (best for drier skin), and almond oil (best for oily skin). Not only will this method help your skin regain its natural, dewy glow, but it’s also been known to help lessen wrinkles.

Natural Cleanser Recipe


  • 1/2 cup castor oil
  • 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil


  • Mix oils together and store in a glass jar with a lid

Steps to Remove Make-Up

  • You can start by massaging your face with a cleanser to break down the makeup. 
  • If you wear mascara and eye makeup, rub a small amount onto your eyelids gently to remove any makeup (for this oil-based remover better), dip a cotton q-tip into makeup remover and go over your lashes one last time.
  • Another mistake we make is we rub our eye area to remove makeup. This is a huge no-no. We should be patting, never rubbing, around the eye area.
  • If you are into bright lip colours, I recommend removing your lip colour before cleansing your face, otherwise, you risk smearing lipstick over your newly-cleansed face.
  • And finally, we tend to forget to wash into our hairline and under our jawline, which is very important when we wear foundation.
  • Wash again with plain water or a face wash recommended for you