Rasgullas are one of the most popular Indian sweets. They are made out of Chhena (cottage cheese), sugar syrup and semolina dough.Get to know more about easy ways to add protein to your diet. They are relatively lighter on the body than most other Indian sweets, so are served through the year, rather than just on any special occasion or festival.The question that arises is that are rasgullas healthy or not? Read get to know why laddus are bad for health?
Since they seem to be healthier and lighter to eat than most other Indian sweets, multiple rasgullas are consumed in one serving. Very rarely will you find someone who just consumes one rasgulla at time.

Let’s look at its preparation to identify how healthy it actually is
Its primary ingredients – 
  • Chhena and semolina, are mixed together into a dough and kneaded properly. 
  • Then small balls are made out of the dough and they are boiled in sugar syrup. 
  • Seasonings such as cardamoms, pistachios and rose water are then added after the rasgullas have been cooked or while they are being cooked.
Calories! Calories! and Calories!
One 100 gram serving of rasgulla has a total of about 186 calories. Carbohydrates comprise 153 of those calories, fats account for 17 calories and proteins make up the remaining 16 calories. A serving of rasgulla provides about 9 percent of the total daily calorie requirement for a standard diet of 2,000 calories.

Rasgulla is a sugar heavy dessert since it is boiled and served in sugar syrup. It is delicious but not healthy, so if in the future you really feel a craving for rasgullas, either moderate their consumption or simply avoid them to reduce their sugar and caloric impact.

Here are the healthy desserts which you can consider over the rasgullas. They will also be low in calories and sugar content.Read more to know on eat your sweets guilt free.

1.Carrot kheer in low fat milk with low sugar.
2. Ghia kheer in low fat milk with less sugar.
3. Shrikhand made with yogurt and added cardamom and saffron in it, with less sugar.
4. Sandesh is overall a healthier option. Even better if it is low in sugar.
5. Oats and carrot kheer cooked in low fat milk with minimal sugar content and added almonds in it.

So after reading about its preparation, it is quite clear that rasgullas are not healthy. It is a preparation which involves a good amount of sugar syrup. Apart from the preparation, the nutritional value of rasgullas also reflects the same. They are deceivingly light to eat, but their high sugar content can play havoc with your weight loss plans, hinder muscle growth and can cause other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes.