The aim and first prime thing we should keep it in mind when we lose body weight is it should be from the harmful fats not from beneficial muscles. #WeightLoss is great but it needs to always be gradual. A rapid weight loss essentially means your body system is squeezed and that can not be any good.

It is said that rapid weight loss can trigger gallstone formation. Generally it is found that obese individuals are more prone to gallstone formation . So keep your cholesterol level under check and let the weight loss be gradual to avoid gallstones.

The another harmful effect of rapid weight loss is kidney stone formation especially radiolucent stones in kidney. Keep the weight loss gradual and take plenty of water. When we say water intake it has to be in frequent intervals.

In rapid weight loss what really happens is water depletion in the body (in precise within cells) and wasting of muscle mass only! Our body weight is made up of 70-75% of water! The most of the pills given for rapid weight loss are diuretics , they drain the body of water. Or when people go on crash diet they ultimately end up in taking less water and protein!

Protein is the building unit of the body remember even your bone is made up of protein , calcium and water! On rapid weight loss regimen involving crash diet the protein intake is drastically reduced. Hence body breaks our own muscles to recover protein to meet the daily requirement! When you lose muscle mass the wight loss is very quick and very obvious. 

But when you lose weight rapidly by jeopardizing the muscle mass and with less water intake , people will look unhealthy with dry wrinkle skin , tired and lethargic. Their joints and body aches and will have a sick look like a "dry fish" !

Slow and steady wins the race!!