The main concern of any patient who needs an RCT is pain. The reality is any well-seasoned dentist can administer good anesthesia and ensure you have a pain free procedure. But the real question here is, if a RCT was painless does it also mean it has been done well enough to last long enough for you to get your money’s worth? The answer is certainly 'No'. Let me explain.

                        The only predictable feature of every root canal and its shape is its unpredictability. Just look up the key word Complexity of the root canal space and you will find some mind-boggling images. After having done thousands of root canal treatment procedures I still find something unusual about every single tooth.

Precisely cleaned and disinfected root canal under a dental microscope

                        If this is the case can every dentist perform a root canal procedure to the standards the test of time demands? and again I would sadly have to say No. Our ever so forgiving body and its resistance or tolerance is what is responsible for a pain-free tooth following most dental procedures. It all comes down to drilling, filling and bill.      

Let us come to the part where we discuss what is needed  ·      

  •  In-depth knowledge of the root canal system·       
  • Expertise to handle the unexpected and      
  • Equipment to handle the RCT procedure.

I have been doing all my RCT’s under a microscope for a long time now and I can boldly conclude that it is virtually impossible to meet the high standards and a predictable outcome every single time without the aid of a dental microscope. Its time our dentists upgrade and start using microscopes for their day to day root canal procedures than to be satisfied with mediocre results.

A dental Operating microscope 

As far as the patients are concerned they must understand that the tooth is also a part of their body. It demands attention, sometime if not immediately, when a problem arises. RCT’s are not procedures that one can walk into the closest open clinic and get done for the sake of convenience. A patient with an average expectation only encourages average dental practitioners to offer average dental solutions. So, let us both set our standards high and lead a pain free life.

Article Credits: Dr. Reuben Joseph , MDS (Endodontics) practices at 32 INTACT Dental Clinic, Chennai.