Everyone desires healthy glowing skin but a certain amount of effort and dedication is needed to achieve that. With a suitable skin care routine, you also need to eat right and maintain a healthy lifestyle to flaunt that inner glow. Making sure that your skin is safe, considering the pollution and free radicals you expose your skin too, is important too.

Knowing the answers to certain questions can really benefit your skin. Read on to find out the most important questions you should definitely keep in mind on your next visit to the dermatologist.

1. Do you have any symptoms of sun damage: Sunspots are the most common signs of overexposure to sunlight which can be easily noticed if they are on your face, hands or legs. But there are areas of your body which might be affected and are not visible like back, ear, and feet. Get your dermatologist to check your skin for any signs. Because negligence can lead to skin cancer.

2. Why are you breaking out frequently: Instead of applying numerous anti-acne products and trying out home remedies, it is better to seek guidance from a dermatologist. There can be various reasons for acne like hormonal fluctuations, skin care products, poor diet. The dermatologist can figure out the reason and give you treatments to effectively deal with acne.

3. Is your current skin care routine suitable for you: There is always something new in the market and you might be tempted to try them. No matter what the product claims, you need to get a heads up from your dermatologist before using them because they can cause harmful reactions to your skin or lead to break out. A dermatologist's job is to examine your skin and determine the issues to recommend appropriate products that can target the problem areas. On your next visit be sure to carry your current skin care products to know whether they are working for you.

4. Do your moles look suspicious: If any of your moles have changed over time, then you must get it checked. The common symptoms of melanoma are moles with uneven color, large diameter, and asymmetrical border. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert at Agelock Skin Clinic, Chandigarh. We serve at your pleasure.