There are many dentists and orthodontists out there today who advertise that they offer “discount” or “cheap” orthodontic treatment. While you certainly want to save money when you can, simply choosing an orthodontic provider because they advertise lower prices is something of which a patient should be wary. After all, you want to have outstanding results that can last you the rest of your life, and you only have one opportunity to have your orthodontic treatment done correctly. It’s therefore extremely important to choose a provider with excellent clinical and diagnostic skills, a good reputation, and proven results.

If you choose your orthodontist solely because he or she offers the least expensive orthodontic treatment available, you may very well be sacrificing quality. The saying “You get what you pay for” is true even in orthodontics, and what you are paying for is the final result of your smile and bite. Remember, you are not buying braces or Invisalign—those are simply tools that the orthodontist uses to straighten your teeth. What you are paying for is the skill level of the doctor and staff that are taking care of you. Your final orthodontic result is directly dependent on the doctor that is diagnosing and treating your case. So, selecting the doctor that is going to give you the best result—not the cheapest fee—is what is most important in deciding who will deliver your orthodontic care.

Orthodontists are dentists first—but they then spend an additional three years in an orthodontic residency focused solely on orthodontic theory and practice , facial orthopedics, dental and facial esthetics, and the biomechanics of tooth movement. Orthodontists are experts in the art and science of moving teeth into their most esthetic and functional positions to deliver a smile that is beautiful and a bite that is as close to ideal as possible.

 Our focus is on quality so that our patients can have beautiful and functional smiles that can last a lifetime. Our doctors do not sacrifice quality to provide quick or “cheap” orthodontic treatment; instead they set an example of excellence that is steadfast and unwavering. When you trust us for your orthodontic treatment, you will receive the personalized, attentive care you deserve so that you can have a smile that you’ll be proud of for life.