Pyorrhea is a very common periodontal disease that affects gums surrounding the roots of the teeth. It leads to inflammation, irritation and pus in gums further resulting in loosening of teeth. Pyorrhea is the primary cause for tooth loss in adults.

Causes of Pyorrhea:

Pyorrhea is caused by bacterial infection. Food particles get stuck in crevices between teeth. When teeth are not brushed properly and regularly, bacteria build up on teeth plaque. Bacteria convert these food particles especially the sugar into acids. These acidic elements putrefy the gums and teeth and induce Pyorrhea like conditions. Other common causes of Pyorrhea include external injury of teeth and gums, improper use of toothpick and incorrect brushing.

Symptoms of Pyorrhea:

  • Pus oozing from margins of teeth 
  • Loosened teeth roots
  • Swollen and inflamed gums

Home Remedies

Guava: Unripe guava is rich in Vitamin C and is a styptic agent. Chewing raw guava arrests formation of pus in gums and is an excellent home remedy for Pyorrhea. Chewing tender leaves of guava is also beneficial in treatment of Pyorrhea. Mouthwash made of decoction of guava tree bark helps stop bleeding and discharge of pus in gums.

Lemon: Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. Lemon strengthens teeth and helps in preventing inflammation of gums. Regular use of lemon is an excellent home remedy for Pyorrhea.

Carrot and Spinach juice: Juice of raw spinach mixed with equal amount of carrot juice is very effective home cure for Pyorrhea and several other teeth related disorders like bleeding of gums.

Onion: Onion has a potent bactericidal property which helps fight gum bleeding. Chewing raw onion for a few minutes kills all germs and is an excellent home cure for Pyorrhea.

Orange:Orange is rich in Vitamin C and helps keep teeth and gums healthy. Skin of orange rubbed on teeth and gums is also beneficial in the treatment of Pyorrhea.

Lettuce: Leaf of lettuce vegetable should be chewed before every meal. This is very effecting in preventing and curing Pyorrhea.

Pepper: Pepper powder with salt is an excellent dentifrice to deal with dental problems like caries, plaque, sensitive teeth, bleeding gums and is a recommended home remedy for Pyorrhea.

Wheat: Chewing wheat soaked in water for around 10 minutes, is very effective exercise for teeth and gums and helps in improving blood circulation in the area. This is beneficial in treatment of Pyorrhea and related problems like bleeding and pus in gums.

Babul (Botanical name: Acacia Arabica): Chewing of fresh bark helps arrest bleeding gums and is an effective home remedy for Pyorrhea. Paste of babul wood charcoal, rock salt and roasted alum mixed in 5:1:1 ratio is an effective home cure for Pyorrhea.

Neem: This has been used in India for a thousand different healing remedies; among them is better dental health. You can use neem in a mouthwash, or even find neem toothpaste. It has both antimicrobial and antifungal properties. In one study involving three different groups with gum disease: one using traditional mouthwash, one treated with neem gel, and the last a placebo, the neem group had the best outcome.

Aloe Vera Gel – Best when it comes straight form the plant, aloe vera is a great anti-inflammatory that is especially helpful if your gums are red and inflamed.

Hope it helped.

Dr. Vimanyu Kataria,
DentHorizonz Clinic,
Sector 40, Gurgaon.