Surgical Abortion is a Misnomer, because procedure is carried out in OPD under Local Anesthesia in Multi-gravida & General Anesthesia in Primigravida.

MTP pills are loaded with Prostaglandins which can Make Women a Patient for Life-COPD is Side Effect of Prostaglandins and it is mentioned in Miniscule Words on the Pack or No Mention Of COPD & Unexplained Fevers is Written on the Packets of MTP Pills, sold openly by Friendly Chemists & their agents in Rural Areas, as young as 10 years old boys.

Pros of Medical Abortion-

1) Cheap if kit is bought directly from the agent or from chemist.

2) If Successful, no procedure is needed & infections can be avoided through Dirty Instruments,in case used by careless doctors.

Cons of Medical Abortion-

1) Suspense of 10 days because expulsion can take place from day 1 to day 10.

2) Success Rate is 50% & Evacuation is Needed anyways after giving one antibiotic along with medicines to control bleeding lasting up to One Month Leading to Anemia & Infection & Maybe Infertility due to Blockages Caused By Infections.

3) COPD & Unexplained Fevers are Side Effects of Prostaglandins.

We are making Girls & Women Sick For Rest of Their Lives.

Pros of Surgical Abortion-

1) Surgery is a Misnomer as Procedure is Done In OPD

2) Patient goes home in One Hour & There is No Risk Of Retention of Parts if Done By Skilled Personnel.

3) Some Women Do Go to Work, the Same Very Day to Ward Off Psychological Trauma Caused By Abortion.

Only Lifting Heavy Loads is Discouraged & She Looks & Feels Like a Normal Woman.

4) Aftercare is a Course of Antibiotics & Restful Life that Does Not Involve Heavy Work.

5) Just After Procedure,she is Motivated To Opt For Family Planning ( Intra Uterine Device Or Ligation Or Oral Contraceptives as Cafeteria Approach of Being Individualistic)

Cons of Surgical Abortion-

1) Lack of Skilled Doctors.

2)Cost ( includes charges of doctor,nurse,place,sterilization of instruments etc)

3)Lack of Communication in Busy Hospitals.

4) No Suspense of waiting for 10 days. It is a One Time Visit To the Doctor.( follow ups if needed though very rarely in person. Mobile Chat gives enough Reassurance after day 5 of Recovery.)

Friends, we have both choices to offer to our women.

Explain to them & let them decide for themselves.