The value of relationship between parents and children are priceless. The parents love for their child is high during childhood days; gradually behaviour changes during adolescence phase and get its rational state during mid- adulthood and vice versa. The love for each other lasts forever but the way they express and behave during the course of life time make things unimaginable.

Perspective of children of today's generation

These generations’ children see relationship as momentary and temporary. They call themselves as a different species of mankind only. They give high priority to gadgets, accessories and materialistic things. They breathe on virtual and imaginary world. For them relationship is all about being with their girl friends or boy friends only. Neither they have emotions and feelings for self and parents. The biggest challenge today’s parents and children are facing is the relationship issues especially during adolescences.

Adolescence is the new phase of child's life

“Adolescence is a new birth, for the higher and more completely human traits are now born – G.Stanley Hall”. This is the beautiful period in life. Every child would experience different feelings and thoughts. They seek for their presence of self and identity. It’s time for nurturing their thoughts through proper channelization and filtration process. The great leaders and achievers have started sowing their thought seeds during this phase, weeded out unwanted activities and processed their action plans towards attainment of their goals.

Unfortunately, children today are deeply engrossed in their lives with so called 'relationships'. Relationship is the most beautiful and precious things that happens to everyone in life. How we see and handle them makes much difference in our life and people around us. These days’ children are emotionally connected with virtual love. For them texting and telling them 'I Love You' makes the best in life. The focus is on girl friends and boy friends only. Love for self and parents doesn’t exist in their world only.

Virtual Love

In the absence of virtual love, they feel devastated and lost in life. They behave so weird that they loose control on self, unable to process their thoughts, manage emotions, does harm to self and finally sees them no where. They see everything as an illusion and couldn’t get out of it. That’s the time they get in touch with their inner self and need physical presence of a person to handle and mange their emotions. They think of their parents then.

Parents - Child Bonding

Parents and child need to develop greater bonding and understanding during adolescence period only. Children tend to seek for their personal identity, process of exploring and discussing new things that they hear, see and feel. It’s the most productive phase in one’s life. Parents play a major role in guiding a child. Listening and spending quality time with their children is paramount. They set guidelines for their children and teach the values of life and relationship.

Living a Life with Purpose

Children should understand that living a life with a purpose is essential then being carried away in the virtual world. They have been treated differently by their parents and society. Nothing much special about them. Need to realize technology can’t replace human values in life. Ultimately, we all wanted to be appreciated, cared, loved and supported by real people not by machines. Always reality is away from idealism.

It is important for parents to show love, respect, care, affection and gentleness by all means to their children. Children must reciprocate to this by taking accountability and responsibility for their actions. There are no perfect parents and children. But there are plenty of perfect moments along the way. Similarly no relationship is perfect, accepting each other with their own limitations makes the relationship perfect.