8 ways to prioritize good sleep to promote overall health:

1. Leave a couple of hours between eating & sleeping, to have a good night's sleep. It not only helps to sleep in a relaxed state of mind but also improves digestion and helps in weight loss.

2. Blue lights from screen affects your circadian rhythm & affects your sleep. So switch off the mobile phones & laptops before sleep and use luminosity software available like f.Lux etc.

3. Make your bedroom all about sleep – have a comfortable mattress,pillow, total darkness ( increases melatonin secretion) & cool paints on the wall. Use it only for sleep; no tv and no work talks.

4. Increase the intake of substances rich in melatonin for good night sleep-tuna, pistachio, banana, walnuts,cherry-juice, dairy products, shrimps, lobsters, hummus & many more.

5. Increase the intake of potassium, magnesium, Vitamin b-6 for ability to sleep more & a cure for restless leg syndrome almonds, lettuce, raw garlic, all fruits etc.

6. Herbal drinks like- chamomile tea (glycine-relaxes muscles & nerves) & passion fruit tea (has harman alkaloids –makes you feel tired) before sleep as they help you sleep.

7. If you have worked on a night shift , always wear goggles/shades when you come out in sun & avoid smoking & drinking coffee 3 hrs before your shift gets over (as it will keep you wake for another 4 hours).

8. Follow mindfulness meditation every night before going to sleep or anytime comfortable. Helps with sleep & stress management.