The instances of cancer have doubled in the last 26 years, especially among women. Breast cancer and cervical cancer constitute the 2 most common cancers. No one can completely claim to prevent the evil disease but following these 5 steps can lower your risks.

  1. Physical activity – exercise regularly and reduce weight, if you are overweight
  2. Healthy and balanced diet - include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, and lower the fat intake
  3. Lifestyle modifications – quit smoking and reduce alcohol intake
  4. Health supplements – include vitamins and minerals in your diet after consulting your doctor
  5. Hormones – avoid taking any long-term hormonal medication without consultation

If you have a family history of cancer, consult a specialist to assess your risk of developing cancer and undergo targeted preventive therapies. Also, women who are never being pregnant or have too many children are at a higher risk of developing certain gynecological cancers. It is recommended to consult your doctor in case you experience any change in your bleeding pattern during menstrual cycles or your general health. Routinely encountered gynecological cancers in ladies are – breast, cervical (cancer at the mouth of the uterus), endometrial (cancer of the lining of the uterus) and ovarian cancer.

• Breast cancer can be detected by regular self-breast examination or examination by a medical expert. You may get regular mammography done after a certain age (especially 40 years) for early detection and treatment.

• Cervical cancer is the only cancer which has effective strategies for prevention and early detection of precancerous changes. Vaccinating young girls and conducting regular screening tests after the age of 25. Also, following safe sex practices - avoiding multiple sexual partners, effective and regular using condoms can lower your chances of cancer.

• Ovarian and endometrial cancer have no effective screening tests available but following the above-mentioned general advice and self-awareness of any new changes can help in prevention and early detection.

I advise you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself well informed about self-health to help prevent the disease.