Let me start by introducing you to a topic called Oral Hygiene.

Just like we keep our face,body and hair clean by taking care of it on daily basis, our teeth too need a lot of attention.

We just have to follow simple steps to prevent dental problems and maintain good oral hygiene.

1.With a good tooth brush with zig-zag bristles [soft/medium] brush for 3 minutes covering the complete teeth surface in an up/down method or round method.Night brushing is a must just before jumping into bed.

2.Flossing is a blessing for teeth as it avoids tooth decay by clearing out food deposits.

3.Avoid aerated drinks like colas,pan masalas, betel nuts,chewing on extremely hard stuff, chocolates[if you can].

4.Chewing gums like orbit can be eaten immediately after having food for upto 5 minutes to clear the food stuff and remove the acidic nature of the saliva.

5.Mouth washes are also useful.Take a sufficient quantity and swish for 30 seconds and spit it out,do not gargle with water for next 10 minutes.

6 Last but not the least and most important is to visit a DENTIST to get your check up done and get your teeth cleaned[oral prophylaxis-scaling and polishing]

These are very simple steps to prevent major dental problems... Start early to save your teeth for life long.

All the best!